Thursday, January 10, 2013


Okay so my goals for 2013 aren't going so great.  Part of it is me just not finding the time and making them a priority and part of it is having trouble with my band.  Over the last couple of weeks I've had a hard time getting food down until dinner time.  Even the foods that were just slider foods for me I can't even eat now.  I got stuck the other day eating chips and queso and that has never happened to me.  The other night I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and couldn't sleep and around 6:00 I drank so milk and got stuck on milk!  What the heck, how do liquids get stuck!?!  It eventually went down but took about 20 minutes for one drink out of my glass!  I definitely can't eat anything for breakfast and sometimes lunch, so I think it's time for me to go in and get an unfill.  It's so weird because I haven't had a fill in almost a year and now in the last 3 weeks it starts to get too tight.  So strange!

Anyway, I have an appointment in the morning to get some fluid taken out of my band.  I am going to a new place in Dallas that charges $50 for band adjustments that I have heard good things about so we will see how it goes.  I'll update you all tomorrow and hopefully get to catch up on some blog reading.

Hope everyone is doing great!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

This week: 176.7 lbs
Total loss: 88.6 lbs

I haven't reported on a weekly weigh-in in quite awhile.  The last time that I reported my weight was on  November 15th and I weighed in at 173.0.  So I gained 3.7 pounds over the holidays.  It's disappointing  but I'm ready to get back to doing what I know and losing the rest of this weight!  I have 37 pounds to go to reach my ultimate goal weight and I definitely plan on doing that this year.  

So my mini goals for the next couple of months are to reach 169 which would get my BMI to overweight instead of obese and then to get to 165 which would mark 100 pounds lost.  And of course I want to lose as much as possible before the wedding.  

Today I'm taking a day to reset and just do liquids.  I'm planning to drink protein shakes and probably have some black bean soup.  This really helps to get me refocused and get my head back in the game.  Tomorrow I will start back to my normal eating and pre-planning/tracking all of my food.  

I'm also ready to get back to my normal workout schedule, although I'll probably have to ease back into being able to do what I could before my surgery.  

Let's do this!  

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year and 2013 Goals

Happy New Year to all my friends and family!!!  There is just something about the new year that brings a fresh start and a chance to reset and evaluate your goals for the upcoming year.

2012 Recap
2012 was filled with so many good things, hard times, and lots of change.  I was able to accomplish many of the goals I set for myself in 2012 and although I could have done better in some areas, I'm happy with the progress I made.

In June, I lost my cousin Debbie along my friend Holly's sister-in-law and then baby Elijah went to heaven in October.  Loss is always so hard and it felt really painful this year, but I know that God is still good and it makes me appreciate the things I have even more.  I started out 2012 at 201 pounds and quickly made it to onderland after the new year.  I didn't lose as much weight as I wanted to in 2012, but I did lose 25 pounds and I'm excited to reach my weight loss goal in 2013.  I also completed my first 5K in 2012, traveled to 13 different states, started a photography business, met and fell in love with my new niece Sophie and my cousin Ryan's baby Amos,  got a new car, had major surgery and of course met, fell in love and got engaged!  Wow, this past year really was crazy.  I'm excited to see what 2013 will bring!

2013 Goals
I know that this upcoming year will be crazy and full of lots of change!  I currently have my house on the market and as soon as it sells, I will be moving in with my parents until the wedding.  Michael and I will start looking for a new house to buy in April and then our wedding is on May 5th.  So I know the first half of this year will be crazy!  I want to continue to make health and fitness a priority and I will need to stay focused on my goals in order to do that with all of the change happening.

  • Track Food and Exercise - Tracking my food and exercise is a huge help for me and a way for me to stay accountable to myself and others.  I plan on tracking on My Fitness Pal so if you are on there, please look me up ( or leave me your username.  

  • Pre-Plan Meals - Planning my meals ahead of time has proved to be so beneficial for me staying on track with my eating habits.  If I plan ahead  it takes the guessing out of what I am going to eat and helps me to not have to think about what to eat and start to crave things I shouldn't have.  If I've already planned what I'm going to have for the day it helps to just eat that.  Another part to this is also planning on eating every couple of hours and not letting myself get too hungry.  If I let myself get really hungry, I find that I will make really bad choices and typically eat something that I shouldn't.  My plan is to make a meal plan for the week and then re-evaluate the next days meals the night before.  I will also allow myself to have a couple free meals to help satisfy some of my cravings throughout the week.
  • Vitamins - In 2013 I need to get better at taking my vitamins every day.  Some weeks I do better at this than others, but I need to make this part of my routine.  To see my vitamin regimin, see this post (
    Take vitamins daily
  • FitBit - Wear my Fitbit daily.  Taking advantage of my Fitbit is a great tool to help me want to be more active.  If you use Fitbit, you can look me up at  
  • Water - My goal is to drink at least 64oz of water per day.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot to some people but for me it is an attainable goal that I need to work towards.  For some reason I have a really hard time getting in my water since I don't drink with my meals.  This amount is just plain water.  Most of the time that is all I drink, but I do have coffee in the morning and sometimes iced tea as well.
  • Exercise - This year my goal is to get in a workout 5 times per week.  I know with moving my workout routine might have to look different, but for now I plan to accomplish it by going to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for cardio and strength training and then take Maddie for walks and do yoga on Tuesday and Thursdays.

  • Quiet Time - In 2012 I did really well with my goal of having a morning quiet time.  My plan is to continue with keeping this part of my daily routine.  I love having the time in the morning to center myself for the day by reading my Bible and praying while drinking my coffee.  It gets my day started on the right foot and really sets the tone for the day.  I've come to truly cherish my morning quiet times.
  • Weigh-In Weekly/Measurements Monthly  - Every Wednesday I plan to weigh-in and report my results on a blog post.  Also, I will continue with my goal of taking my measurements on the 27th (my bandiversary date) of every month.

  • Blogging - I want to try and blog more consistently.  Blogging provides accountability to myself and to others and is another way to help keep me on track.  Reading and commenting on other blogs is also motivational and provides a community of support that is so helpful!

So those are my goals for 2013.  I'm looking forward to all of the exciting things that 2013 will bring!

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