Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weigh-In Wednesday

Okay this is going to be a quick blog because it's late, but wanted to post my weigh-in numbers for the week.

Last week 179.8
This week 178.0
Total loss of 1.8

This week I did pretty good with eating and working out and it definitely showed on the scale!  I had a couple of meals that weren't the best, but for the most part I stayed on track with my eating and did good with my workouts.

The challenge that I'm participating in has mini challenges along the way and this last week the challenge was to find an accountability partner and text each other how you are doing each day.  Ronnie and I decided to be partners and that really helped me stay accountable knowing that I was going to have to tell her how I did each day.

I'm excited and motivated to keep working as hard as possible.

Hope you all have a great week and keep making good choices!

"Every time you make a single good choice, you're closer to breaking a bad habit and forming a good one" - Joyce Meyer


  1. Woo hoo! Nice loss (and nice pedicure too, btw) :-D

  2. Great Loss - you are kicking butt!

  3. great job on the loss--you are doing awesome!

  4. You rock, Andrea! Which reminds me, I need to text you my crap for yesterday. lol

  5. You are doing so well Andrea. You'll be at goal in no time. xx

  6. great loss! you're doing great!

  7. You go girl! Look at the numbers going DOWN!

  8. Love the quote!! Congrats on the loss!!! So proud of you!!