Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've learned that I do really good when I'm at home and in a routine.  The past month with all the traveling I've been doing I really got away from my healthy eating habits and my workout schedule.  Now that I'm back home, I'm so ready to get back into my routine and lose these last 40 pounds.  I'm extremely motivated to continue losing and I know that I can do it!

So remember those 2 pounds that I lost when I was in New York?  Well I found them in! I'm back up on the scale a little bit, but I know I can get the weight off and get back to where I was soon.

At the end of September I'm going to Chicago to meet up with fellow weight loss bloggers.  They created a challenge to lose as much weight as possible before our trip and the timing couldn't be more perfect. I think this is exactly what I need to get me back on track and keep me motivated for the next couple of months.

The challenge starts today and lasts until September 26th.  So 71 days to work as hard as I can to lose more weight.  I'm excited about it and there are prizes involved! 

So for the time being, I'm moving my weigh-in days to Wednesdays so I can report my weight weekly for the challenge.  

My starting weight for the challenge is 182.7.  

Here are the things that I know I need to do to be successful:
  1. Pre-plan all my meals and workouts
  2. Track all my food
  3. Workout 5 days per week
  4. Drink at least 64oz. of water
  5. Stay accountable by reporting on my progress and blogging consistently

So here we go...wish me luck!


  1. I do so much better with routine too. Being a teacher with summers off, I have had absolutely no kind of routine this summer between vacations, pool parties, out of town weddings, etc. I go back to work in less than 2 weeks and although I won't be happy about getting early, I will be happy to have the routine back in my life. Can't wait to meet you at BOOBs!

    1. Yeah it is so helpful for me. I really need to work on being good when I'm not in my routine too but it's much harder! Can't wait to meet you!

  2. you can do it!!! but hopefully not better than I-doh---just kidding good luck!

  3. Best of luck to you! I know you can do this:)

  4. You can totally rock that challenge girlfriend. I so need a routine in my life as well.. I just realized I haven't had a planned workout since wednesday! Whoops
    <3 Sam

  5. All the best and luck is with you!Weight Loss