Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm sure y'all are sick of my vacation posts, but I wanted to document my trips so I could remember them.

I got back from Florida late last night after being there for a week visiting one of my best friends.  Angela and I went to college together and were roommates for several years after college.  I try to visit her at least once, sometimes twice a year.  A few years ago she moved to Naples, Fl so it's fun to get to go see her and be so close to the beach.

Unlike my last vacation where I was constantly on the go, this trip I had a lot more time to relax and do nothing.  It was nice to not have to be on a schedule and really get some rest.

The first day that I was there, we drove to the Everglades and did an airboat tour.  That was super fun and we got to see several gators.  A couple got a little too close to the boat for my comfort, but it was really exciting.

Big gator behind the grass

That afternoon we had lunch at the Naples marina and visited Marco Island then went to dinner.

On the days that Angela had to work, I mostly spent my time at the beach, reading and taking naps.  It was nice to not have to do anything and really enjoy my time off.

I promise I have on a bathing suit!
Thursday I went to the salon where Angela works and she did my hair.  Then that night we to dinner and a movie.

The next day was back to the beach and then that night we went to the Naples Beach Club to watch the sunset, but it had been raining so it wasn't that great.  It's still so nice to just be on the water and enjoy listening to the waves.

Angela and her husband Carlos

Later that night we went to dinner in downtown Naples at this restaurant called Campiello.  The food was so good and it was such a nice night.  Then we walked around and got ice cream.  So fun!

Saturday I went back to the beach and then that night Angela and I went to dinner and then went to a dueling piano bar in Ft. Myers.

Sunday we spent the day at the beach

Then we went bowling and to get some ice cream, it was National Ice Cream Day so we had to go, right? That night we went back to the beach and finally got to see an amazing sunset, along with a double rainbow, and a dolphin!

Double rainbow 

It's hard to see but that is a dolphin
My last day in Naples I went back to the beach to try and enjoy the water as long as possible before I had to head back to Dallas.

My vacation was over and I headed to the airport that evening to go home.  It was nice to have a whole week off from work and not think about any of that and spend time with my friend while being able to rest and enjoy being at the beach.

Now I'm back home and ready to get back into my routine of eating healthy and working out and focus on getting more weight off!  I've so enjoyed my travels over the last month, but it's nice to be home.

To see more pictures from my Florida vacation you can go to my Facebook album but clicking the link below.


  1. So pretty! I miss water. Love the photos!! Glad you had fun.

    1. Thanks! I know, I love being around the water!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I LOVE your accessories!

  3. It's been lovely to see all your vacation pictures. The beach looks so beautiful! Glad you've been having such a lovely time x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I did have a fabulous time!

  4. lovely pictures....can't believe how cute you look in that hat!