Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

In honor of today being Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would share of my love for Mexican food! :)  I could seriously eat Mexican food for every meal.  I'm sure it was a huge contributing factor in me gaining so much weight, but it's just so good!  My entire family really loves Mexican food and almost every single time we get together we end up going to a Mexican restaurant.

I don't think I'll every give up eating Mexican food, but I have learned to be more balanced about it.  I love chips and queso and I still have it now and then, but just not on a regular basis.  There is no way that I could completely cut it out of my life and I'm okay with that.  For me it's all about balance and learning that it's okay to have certain things, but not go crazy.  I'm kind of an all or nothing person so it's definitely a learning process.

Hope you all have fun celebrating today!

And just for fun, I'll leave you with a video of a song my Aunt Linda wrote of her love for Mexican food.  Sorry for all the laughing in the background, but it was so funny!


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Great Vido - makes me want to order some nachos right now at 7am!

  2. Loved the video....It's my families favorite also!


  3. I love Mexican food too! I'm making a great dinner for the family with our favorites tonight! :) (In proportion, of course.)

    Have a great day!


  4. Happy Cinco De Mayo!! I love Mexican food too and can probably never give it up either. It's too good and I would feel so deprived. It's all about balance right?
    Ps nachos sound amazing :)

  5. She didn't say margaritas!!