Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Thoughts on Weight Loss Surgery and Carnie Wilson

A couple of weeks ago I heard that Carnie Wilson had Lap-Band surgery.  Having had Gastric Bypass surgery 12 years prior, she gained about 2/3 of the weight back.  She recently decided to have lap-band on top of her gastric bypass (Band over Bypass).

Here are my thoughts:

  • Carnie Wilson is not giving up, but she is doing what she can to take control of her health.  I know that she is receiving a lot of criticism for this.  The struggle with weight is so difficult!  Until you've been in her shoes I don't think anyone can judge her.  So many people struggle with all kinds of addictions and most of them hide it pretty well.  Unfortunately when you struggle with food addiction everyone knows it.  So instead of going back to the way things were before, she is doing whatever she can to get better.  Sure, she may still have issues with food, but hopefully she will learn more about herself and be able to work through some of her issues through this process.
  • Weight Loss Surgery is not the "easy way out"!  I think we can really take from her struggles that weight loss surgery in and of itself is not the answer.  Many people are very successful with having weight loss surgery, but a lot of people gain a significant amount of weight back or never lose the amount of weight they want to.  Hopefully her story will open people's eyes to the fact that just having weight loss surgery alone does not "solve" your problems or make your addictions go away. You have to approach having weight loss surgery as a tool to help you get there, but you also have to be ready to make some major lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise routine.  Because she is being open about her struggle hopefully people that are considering having weight loss surgery will realize that just because you have the surgery doesn't mean that it will fix all your problems and you'll just lose the weight.  You still have to make good food choices and you still have to exercise regularly to see long-term success.  It really is a mental battle and you really have to be ready to fight.
  • There is no finish line.  Just because she lost all the weight and got down to her goal, doesn't mean that she's done.  It's easy to fall back into your old eating habits and slowly begin to reintroduce bad foods back into your diet and stop exercising.  I think this is a good reminder for all of us who are in the process of losing weight or who have made it to our goal weight that we need to be very intentional about maintaining this new healthy lifestyle or it will be so easy for the weight to just creep back on.  
I've included her interview on the Today show below for those who didn't get to see it.  

What are your thoughts about this?


  1. The thing that makes me the happiest about this story is the emphasis on the fact that surgery is just part of the solution. I love the fact that they made a point of talking about the hard work that goes into this journey (since so many people think it's the easy way out). It sounds like she has her head in the right place and I wish Carnie much success with her band.

  2. Yep, I have to agree, surgery is just a part of the whole. You have to do the work as far as nutrition, water and exercise. It's not the easy way out and I hate that many people think that it is.

  3. Thanks for posting the video, I had not seen it. I think this time around it is different for her. It is definitely not an easy way out. I read that over and over before my band but I still thought it would be easier than what I am doing now. I still have to eat super healthy, small portions and even then if I don't move, it isn't coming off. This is definitely not an easy way out! I wish her luck like the rest of us. Trouble is, we can do this privately. For her, her life is put on display and that makes it so much tougher.

  4. I think Carnie's problem is she has an addictive personality (as shown by her other issues) and she needs to deal with tht before she can expect to be successful.

  5. I agree with all of your points. I'm a full on supporter of people doing whatever they need to do to reach their goals. She will be fighting these demons the rest of her life, no reason she can't have another tool!

  6. I absolutely love the line you wrote : "It really is a mental battle, and you really need to be ready to FIGHT!" Fantastic - that, to me, is the motto of WLS. You've gotta be ready, and you've gotta fight for it. It is not the easy way out. And as for Carnie Wilson, girl, she's got to do what she needs to for her life, her health, and her kids. You're right, we can't judge her. Maybe her head is in a better space to make the changes she needs to now. I wish her all the best!

  7. I think she's inspirational... Many people would be very private about added an additional tool. Truth is... She should have done it sooner. The lapband is a wonderful tool for maintenance but the bypass is a better tool for losing since it includes Mal-absorption. She has the money to do whatever she wants to correct her addictions, and she is living proof that Money doesn't buy THIN. It is a constant struggle, and we have to focus and stay aware or we will all gain back our lost weight.

  8. I think you are dead on in that it is a constant struggle. I'm not in the habit of judging People anyway especially if it's something I struggle with too. We all have our issues with food, obviously because we've had to alter our body to helP deal with the issues. So hers just happens to be public while the rest of us can deal with it in private. Hats off to her for continuing to fight!!

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