Friday, April 27, 2012

11 Months!

Today is my 11 month anniversary of having the lap-band surgery.  In 11 months, I've lost 82 pounds, went from wearing a size 26 to a size 12, went from a BMI of 47 to a BMI of 33, and lost 46.75 inches!

I think the numbers really speak for themselves, but having the surgery and taking control of my health has been the best thing I could have done!  It definitely hasn't been easy and I have worked very hard at this.  I think a lot of people feel that having weight loss surgery is just an easy fix and the weight just comes off without any effort on your part.  I can't speak for the other kinds of weight loss surgery, but I do know that the lap-band helps control your portions and not feel quite as hungry, but it still takes a lot of work.  I do everything that I know of to try and be successful with losing the weight.  I pre-plan my meals, track everything that I eat, workout 5 days a week, stay accountable by blogging and being open to pretty much everyone I know, and more.  Of course I have good and bad days, but instead of just blowing it, I get right back on track and continue to try and make good choices.

I'm so happy with how far I have come in 11 months.  I'm hoping to have really good numbers to report next month for my 1 year anniversary, so I'm just going to keep pushing hard and doing everything that I can to stay on track.

I'll leave you with a comparison picture.  The picture on the left is 1 week after my surgery and the picture on the right is from last week.  It's so cool to really be able to see how far I've come and do everything in my power to never go back to that place again.

Happy Birthday Aven!

On Sunday we got together to celebrate my friend Aven's birthday and have an Italy send-off party.  Today is Aven's 30th birthday and she is spending it in Italy!  I'm so happy that she is living her dream and starting this new decade of her life in Italy!  My friend Holly drove down from Oklahoma and as always we had the best time hanging out with all of our friends.  Love you Aven!  Have an amazing trip! (Aven is the one in the yellow shirt)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I've had several people ask me what I take for vitamins, so I thought I'd do a post on my vitamin regimen.  Once a week, I portion all of my vitamins out for the week (usually on Sunday nights) and put them in my pill organizer.  I got my pill organizer from Amazon and I love it because all of my vitamins fit in it and I can take the individual days and throw it in my purse without having to take the whole thing.  It really helps me to remember to take my vitamins and also remember which ones I have already taken for the day.

So here is what I take every day.  All of my vitamins are chewable, because they are easier to get down with the lap-band.  

I take this multi-vitamin from Opurity every day.  The great thing about this multi-vitamin is that you only have to take one a day.  The taste is not bad at all and I have compared this vitamin with so many others and I feel like it has the most of everything that I need.  And it's specifically formulated for people with the lap-band.  

These calcium and vitamin D pills that I take daily are also from Opurity.  The have an orange flavor and I think they're pretty good!  If you don't like chalky type vitamins you probably won't like these, but that doesn't bother me at all.  The only other downside is that you have to take 4 a day, but I kind of look at them as my dessert.  When I started my weight-loss journey last year, my vitamin D levels were really low, so this has helped a lot.

I take these Omega-3 gummy vitamins every day.  I think they taste pretty good and help to get in my omega-3s, especially since I really don't like fish.  I get these vitamins at Costco.

I recently started taking these B12 vitamins.  They taste good and seem to be helping me with my energy levels.  I bought these at Target.

And lastly I take these Fiber Gummies.  Because I have a protein drink for breakfast every day, these really help to keep things moving :)  These Fiber Gummies are also from Costco.

Hope that helps.  So far it really works for me and I feel great!  For everything that I take it's 55 calories a day.  I try to look at taking them as a little bit of a dessert and it helps to curb my sweet tooth after a meal.  Here is the info from MyFitnessPal.

What do you take for your vitamin regimen?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In #47

This week I weighed in at 183.8 for a loss of 0.2 pounds and a total loss of 81.5 pounds since the beginning of my weight loss journey.

Not a great loss this week, but hey it's still a loss!  I did have a really big loss last week, so I guess it kind of evens out.

I got all of my workouts in and stayed active every day, but my eating was not as good as it could have been.  I ate out a lot this week and my teeth were really hurting so I think both of those things combined with me not making the best choices, contributed to me not having that great of a loss.

Personally I had a great week and had fun spending time with friends and family.  I was so busy every single day, but it was all fun stuff and loved catching up with some old and new friends!

Thanks for all your comments and advice about online dating.  On Friday, both of my sisters helped me fill out my eHarmony profile.  We had so much fun answering the 500 questions it asked and we laughed so much!  It really helped having people that know me really well complete the questionnaire.  So we'll see what happens!  It's exciting and scary at the same time.

I took an updated photo (posted above) for my profile picture on eHarmony.  I decided to just take a few shots with my tripod in the backyard so I could have a picture looking as skinny as possible, haha!

This week my plan is to:

  • Plan my meals
  • Track everything I eat and my workouts
  • Stay close to 1200 calories a day
  • Wear my fitbit daily
  • Workout 5 days 
  • Take all of my vitamins
  • Drink at least 64oz. of water
Hope everyone has a great week!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Online Dating

Okay, I am considering online dating.  I've never done it before and not quite sure how I feel about it.  I'm definitely not against it, but I was never really in a place where I wanted to do it or was ready to.  Now that I've lost a significant amount of weight and I'm starting to feel more confident, I'm thinking about it.

To me the dating process is just painful, I would rather just skip past all that and find the person that I'm going to marry.  Unfortunately, I know it doesn't work that way.  I know that God has the right person out there for me and I'm confident that he'll come along in the right timing, but maybe this is how I will find him?  I really go back and forth about it.  I think if nothing else, it will be good for me to just get out there and talk to guys more.  I'm not looking to just date around, I really want to find a husband and I'm definitely not looking to just hook-up.

I'm 31 and I am really ready to get married and have a family.  I think in a lot of ways I've let my weight hold me back from meeting guys and I've probably had a giant wall up to protect myself.  But, I've been learning more about me and I definitely feel more confident in myself and what I want (and don't want) in a spouse.

It's been hard because I'm not exactly sure where someone my age meets guys.  I work at home, so work is out.  I'm very involved in my church and would LOVE to meet a guy there, but that hasn't happened.  I don't really hang out at bars or clubs and when I hang out with friends, I'm there to be with them and not meet people.  I go to the gym 3 times a week, but it is a community center and I live in a suburb where there aren't many single people.  So the only other thing I can think of is online dating.

How would you handle telling or not telling about your weight loss?  My blog is on my Facebook so I'm pretty much an open book, but I'm not sure if that's something you talk about on your profile?  But it is pretty much my main hobby and takes up almost all me free time!

So with all that said, I need your advice.  What has been your experience with online dating?  I want to hear the good, bad and ugly.  What are the best sites to use?  What kind of tips to do you have for me?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In #46

This week I weighed in at 184.0 for a loss of 3.2lbs for the week and a total loss of 81.3 since the beginning of my weight loss journey!!!

I guess all my hard work this week really paid off!  Although I still lost the past couple of weeks, it's nice to have a week when you work really hard and the number on the scale shows all your hard work.

And I passed the 80 pounds lost mark!  Wow, 80 exciting!

It helps to stay motivated to keep going, when you have a good week.

I would like to lose about 44 more pounds to get me to 140lbs.  For my height (5'3") I think that's a good weight that puts me in a normal range, but something that I think I would be able to maintain.  I guess I'll see when I get a little closer.  I'm really excited though and hope that I can continue to stay motivated.

My plan for this next week is to just stick with the same things I've been doing this last week.

  • Plan my meals
  • Track my food and workouts
  • Be active every day
  • Take all my vitamins
  • Get in as much water as I can

Hope you all are making healthy choices and have a great week!

For updates on my weight loss journey, please visit my Facebook page at

Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In #44 & 45

I've been slacking off on my weekly weigh-in posts again.  I've been so busy and since I take pictures and make a video for my posts, it takes a lot of time and so I end up putting it off.  Anyway, I didn't want to let more than two weeks go by without updating about my weight.

Last time I weighed in at 188.0 and this week I weighed in at 187.2.  So that makes a total of 0.8lbs lost over the course of 2 weeks (average of 0.4lbs for each week).  I'm happy that the scale went down, but I know I could have done a lot better.

Full disclosure: My eating choices have not been good at all over the last couple of weeks.  I could give all kinds of excuses for why, but they are all just excuses.  I know that part of this journey is having ups and downs, but the other part of that is finding a way to still make good choices when things are hard.  Everything is going great, but I've been so busy and I've been having trouble with these springs in my mouth, so I've been eating things that go down easy.  But the real reason is that I haven't been doing a good job of planning ahead and making sure that I make good choices instead of just easy choices.  Planning ahead really makes a big difference for me.  When I let myself get too hungry or start to think about foods that I'm craving, then I make bad choices.  Like pizza or chips and queso.  Thankfully I haven't slacked off on my working out and even though I've been eating bad things, I haven't been eating too much of them.

This week I am planning all my meals and I'm going to do a lot better with my eating choices.  I will track everything that I eat, take all my vitamins and get in as much water as I can.  Hopefully next week I will be happy with what I've done and the scale will show it!  I'll definitely post another weigh-in update this weekend and not wait 2 weeks again.

I didn't take any progress pictures this week, but I posted a cheesy gym mirror shot for you.  :)

I did have a couple of NSVs (Non-Scale Victories) this week.  #1 I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt at the gym and in public!  I'm still not happy with the way my arms look, but it's been hot here.  The fact that I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt is a huge win!  #2 On one of the weight machines at the gym you put the bar down over your legs.  This week, I was able to put the bar on the lowest setting (see picture below)!  Even if the weight is not coming off as fast as I would like it to, I can still focus on the fact that my body is getting smaller and I am gaining more confidence!

Thank you all as always for all your love and support!  I couldn't do it without the community I have around me to encourage and to help keep me accountable!  Love y'all!

Here is my weekly weigh-in video.  It pretty much says the same things in the video as I said in my blog.  Sorry for the out of focus video, but I was in a hurry and didn't have time to re-record it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Amos

Last Sunday, my cousin Ryan and his wife Randi's baby Amos was born.  Ryan and I have always been really close and I couldn't be more excited for them!

I got to go up to the hospital and see him on the day he was born and take some pictures.

My cousin Rachelle and Aunt Linda
Rusty and Ryan (the dad)

Ryan and Randi with their doctor
My mom and Amos
My Grandmother and Amos

My sister Alicia with Amos

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

This last week has been such a fun time of hanging out with friends and family and celebrating what Easter means to to me.

The fun started off at my friend Michelle's house with a egg painting party/hunt for the kids.  I hadn't dyed eggs in years and it was so fun seeing the kids getting excited about finding the eggs.

Michelle and Taggart

On Good Friday morning I met up with some friends and went to a Homeless assistance program in Dallas called the Stewpot.  One of my friends works there and so we had the opportunity to go down there and lead a Good Friday service and hand out food.  The Stewpot is an amazing place and really does so much to help the homeless in our community!  We had a really great time.  My friend Josh led worship and then my friend Geoff (who is one of the pastors at my church) gave a great message.  After we were done there we all went out to lunch.  It was such a fun time!

After that, I went to my cousins house to celebrate with my family.  We had such a fun time of eating, having an Easter egg hunt for the kids and playing Texas 42!

Harrison (cousin)
Brenna and Katie (cousins)
Madeline and Lauren (cousins)
Eating Lunch
The kids going through all their Easter eggs

Saturday I spent most of the day at my church working with the kids.  We had 4 services on Saturday so I worked at 3 and attended one.

On Easter I went over to my aunt's house and had lunch over there.  I went with my cousins and their new baby to take pictures in the bluebonnets (I'll post those later).  For Easter dinner our immediate family went out to eat and then hung out at my parents house.  It was a great Easter and I'm so thankful for my family and friends!

Hope you all had a fun Easter!