Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cousins Night

Last weekend I got together with my cousins to have a cousins night.  We try and all spend time together several times a year.  It's always such a fun time!  We have eleven girl first cousins (and four boys) on my dad's side of the family.  Eight of us were able to hang out last Saturday, we just missed Donna, Rhonda, and my sister Annalie.  We went to Fireside Pies in Ft. Worth for dinner and then did a little shopping and ended the night with coffee at Starbucks.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and love that we enjoy spending time together!

L-R (Kim, Alicia, Debbie, Kami, Melody, Kristi, Kourtney)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Roommate Fitness and New Workout Gear

My roommates have recently been really into eating good and working out (they were before, but even more lately).  It's so great to have the support and motivation at home!  Ashley and I workout at the same gym so we've been able to go together a few times lately or see each other up there working out.  They both recently joined myfitnesspal so we are all friends on there and we have our heart rate monitors and our fitbits.  It's so fun!  I know that this is one more thing that will help keep me accountable and motivated to keep losing weight.  I'm excited that we can all do this together!

So since it's been about a year since I bought new tennis shoes, I decided that I needed some new ones.  A year ago I went to this store called Run On!.  You go there and they measure your feet and watch how you walk to get you fitted into the best shoe for you.  It's so great!  I have had problems with my ankles and even wore special shoes when I was little.  I also have really high arches, so it's important for me to get in a good shoe.  After having lost 75 pounds I figured that I might need something different or I might have worn my old shoes out.  So I went in and they measured my feet and I'm down half a shoe size!  My feet are already tiny, so I don't need to lose weight in my feet!  I never thought that I might lose weight there too, but I guess that's another NSV! :)  I bought the shoe they fit me in and then I found the exact same pair in a color that they don't produce anymore at the Nike Outlet for $20 cheaper.  So I bought both pairs so I can trade them out.

And of course I had to buy some matching shirts (I like for everything to be matching, haha)!  So here are a couple pics of my rockin' my new workout gear.  And yes, I'm that cheesy girl taking of picture of myself if the gym mirror!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Girl!

Today I went with my sister and my mom to find out the sex of my sister's baby and we found out that it's going to be a girl!!!!  I was so excited!  She is going to name her Sophie Grace and she's due at the beginning of August.  It's going to be so fun to dress her in bows and girly clothes.  The girl clothes are way cuter than the boy clothes.  I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun!

After we went to her appointment we went to Target and Babies R Us to register for baby gifts.  We had a really good time picking out all the little things that Sophie will need.  At Target, my sister had to name the registry and she called it Sophie's choice.  Haha!

At Babies R Us we found a bib that had the saying below on it, haha!  I'm totally going to have Sophie rock that bib! :)
My cousin Ryan's baby is due any day now so we'll have to spoil Amos until Sophie gets here.  We haven't had any babies in my family in a really long time so it's definitely an exciting time for all of us!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In #42 and 43

Today I weighed in at 188.0 for a loss of 1.4lbs over the last two weeks (0.7lb average for each week) and a total loss of 77.3lbs.  These last couple of weeks have been really crazy and I'm really happy that I even lost weight.  I think the fact that I was still able to get in my workouts helped me lose weight because my food choices were not the best.  

Hopefully I can start getting back into a more normal routine this coming week and lose more next week.  

This week I am going to work on planning my meals, getting in all my workouts, drinking as much water as possible, and taking my vitamins.  

I have another really busy week coming up and I'm going with my sister to find out the sex of her baby!  It should be really exciting!  Lent is going good.  I'm still doing the suggested fasts each week.  I wasn't as intentional with my time this week, but I'm still sticking to it.

Hope you all have a great week!

Fun with Friends!

This last week my friend Holly came in town since she was on spring break and stayed with me for four days.  We had the best time getting together with friends and family, shopping, mani/pedis, eating (ate way too much bad mexican food), and working out.  She also brought her 6 month old puppy, Dobby so we got lots of puppy play time.

Thursday night we went to happy hour and met up with some friends and then went to dinner with Holly's aunt and uncle.  We had a great time and I love spending time with them!

Then Friday night we went out with all of our girl friends and had so much fun!!  I love all my friends so much!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Hair Color

On Tuesday I got my hair cut and colored.  I decided to go a little lighter and to do some ombre style highlights where the color is darker on top and lighter at the ends.  I think I want to fix the color a little, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.  Thanks to Holly at Studio H+L for the cut and color!  Here are a few pics of my hair curly and straight.

What do you think?  Do you like it better curly or straight?  It's always fun to change things up a little!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Painting Party

For my roommate Erin's birthday we had a painting party.  It's one of the places where you go and all paint the same thing.  I thought it would be hard, but it's actually pretty easy and fun!  We were able to rent out the place and have a private party and bring our own food and drinks.  My finished painting is the one up above. It's called "Looking Up".  We had a great time and it was such a fun idea for a party and then everyone gets to go home with their own painting.  Happy Birthday Erin!

Me with my roommates Erin and Ashley
The whole group

Monday, March 19, 2012

My New Hobby...Photography!

For awhile I've been considering buying a nice camera and wanting to get into photography.  I love taking and looking at pictures, but I mostly took them from my iPhone.  So I decided to go for it and buy a nice camera and some lenses last week.  There is so much to learn, but I'm really excited about it!  I haven't had much time to practice because I've been so busy.  On Saturday my cousin Amber came over and gave me a basic photography lesson and I've been emailing with Laura and she's been giving me great advice!

So just a warning, I'm sure you are going to be seeing tons of pictures from me.  Most of my blog posts are filled with pictures anyway because I love them so much, so hopefully they will just be better ones.

My BFF Holly is coming in town this week so I think we're planning on going to a park to take some pictures so I can practice more.

I'm going to start a photography blog so I'll post most of my pictures on there, but I'll still post pictures here too.  I think this is going to be so fun!  I'm really doing it for a hobby so I can take good pictures of me for my weight loss blog and take pictures of friends and family.  But who knows, it might turn into a side job at some point when I get better.

Yesterday I had the chance to go over to my parents and take some pictures over there.  They have a great backyard with just woods behind their house and there are tons of bluebonnets in bloom right now.  So I took some pictures of me on my tripod and then my mom helped me take a few.

If any of you are photographers and have advice for me starting out, please let me know!  I'm open to any/all advice and suggestions.

Here are some of the pics from yesterday.

So Busy!

Things in my life have been crazy busy and the next two weeks are non-stop!  I have at least 2-3 things every day on top of work and having company.  It's all fun stuff though so I'm looking forward to it.

This last week was spring break here.  Both of my roommates were gone, but my little brother Adam was out of school for the week so he came and stayed with me.  We had lots of fun!

The week was filled with a lot of family time.  Besides spending time with my brother, I had a dinner/shopping date with my Aunt Linda, we celebrated my mom's birthday, spent time at my parents house and brunch and pedicures with my cousin Amber.  I always love spending time with my family and it was a fun week!

Here are some pictures from my mom's birthday celebration.

My brother Adam and sister Alicia
Sisters - Aunt Linda and my mom
My Grandmother and brother Austin
My dad and me 

My brother Austin in his new car

Last Monday I went to my Lap-Band support group.  It was a really small group, but I'm always happy that I went and I got to see Debi!

Also last week I got a new iPad and a new camera (more on that later).  It's been lots of fun playing with them, but it's taking up all of the little free time that I have.

I've been trying to stay caught up with all of your blogs and responding to comments.  I hope everyone is doing great!  I'm so behind on blog posts, so you may be seeing a lot of posts from me soon including my weekly weigh-in and my new photography hobby.

Hope everyone has a great week!