Friday, February 17, 2012


  • I had a fill on Tuesday.  It went really well.  They were able to find the port right away with no problems.  I got a whopping 0.2 added!  Haha!  That's okay though because I think I'm pretty close to the green zone and don't want to be too tight.  

  • I started eating solid food again last night.  So far I haven't had any problems.  Hopefully this fill will be just the right amount.
  • I'm doing the Color Run on Sunday.  I'm getting really excited about it and the weather is supposed to be really nice.  Hopefully everything goes good with that.  Thanks MandaPanda for the advice on what to wear/bring!
  • I'm considering sharing my blog with some of my friends and family on Facebook.  Do you guys share your blog publicly and have you gotten positive feedback?
  • I'm wanting to color my hair like this.  What do y'all think?  I want it to be dark at the top and lighter at the bottom.
  • My dad got me a Valentine's goody bag with cute pajamas!  My whole family went out to eat and then to my parents house for Valentine's and we had a really fun time.  Thanks Dad!
  • Our family went to a funeral on Wednesday for a family friend that passed away from cancer.   She was an amazing woman and as sad as the situation is, it inspired me to want to live a better life.
  • I get to hang out with my friend Aven tonight.  I'm super excited to spend time with her.

  • I have an orthodontist appointment this afternoon.  So fun!  Haha!  It actually is a little fun because I go every 6 weeks and it's fun to see my smile get better every time and it's also fun that they notice the amount of weight I've lost! :)
  • These next three days are non-stop!  I think I have something planned almost every minute, just going from one thing to the next.  It should be a fun weekend though!  Hopefully I'll have a good weigh-in this week and find some time to blog about that.
I think that's it for now, I'm sure I could go on and on.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Sorry about your friend dying. That's exciting about the orthodontist. Have fun this weekend!!!

  2. Have a great weekend!! LOVE the hair, you should totally go for it!! Would look great on you!!

  3. I like the hair. I think it'd look really good on you!

    My blog has been public pretty much since the beginning. I was really nervous about it, but once I started posting my blog stuff on tFB, there's been a ton of people that have told me they really enjoy reading my craziness. I never really cared whether other people read it or not, but it's nice to have my family and friends support!
    I think you should do it!

  4. Good luck with the color run. You'll be fantastic. I love the hair too.

    As for sharing the blog, that is really a decision only you can make. I'm becoming more comfortable telling people about my band and people know I blog but I'm not comfortable in sharing these thoughts with people from my 'real life' at the moment. I guess I also think of my blog as like a talking diary. It would be better if I could veto the bits they could see but I think otherwise it's very exposing.

  5. Good luck on the Color Run! I know you'll love it! Such a sweet gift from your dad for VDay :)

    To answer your questions - I think your hair would be cute like that and my blog isn't really public. I'm searchable but I don't share it on facebook or anything like that. I'm not uberopen about my band so there ya go.

  6. I do not share my blog with family and friends or on FB. I am very private about my band and my blog is 99% about my band and my weight loss. As far as most in my life know, I exercise, decreased my portions and increased my protein. That's about all I tell people. If you're public about your band though, I see no reason to not share your blog!! It's awesome-sauce. Like you!

    Good luck on your color run!

    I also like the two tone hair. I'll be interested in how yours turns out. Keep us posted.

  7. I like the lighter hair on bottom and darker on top. I don't share my blog with family or friends, with the exception of my bff. I don't share for several reasons. Most people (outside of family and bff) don't know that I am banded. I also have several people I work with on my fb and in my blog I refer to my boss as "lucifer"...probably wouldn't be a good idea if that got back to her.

  8. Love the hair! Have fun in the color run it looks like a must take pictures. Your dad is such a sweetie...I like how he does things special for you! Very sorry to hear about your friend passing --- sending hugs your way

  9. LOVE that color and think it would look great on when you are done.....