Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  I stil can't believe I made it to onderland!  I'm so excited and it's hard to wipe this smile off my face!  I weighed in at 198.4 this morning.  We'll see what it says for my official weigh-in day on Sunday but so far this has been a really good week!

2.  I'm considering doing this 5K in February. It would be my very first 5K so I'm a little nervous, but I know I will be able to do it even if I can't run the whole way.   I'm trying to talk my sister into doing it with me.  I have other friends that are doing it, but they are marathon runner so I know I can't keep up with them.  But it's so cool because you start by wearing a white shirt and each 1K you reach you get powder paint thrown on you so you have all these colors all over you by the end.  It just seems super fun, so we'll see.  Here is a video about it.  It's in 16 different cities so you should check it out! 
3.   I've been experimenting with different nail polish colors thanks to Pinterest.  I might occasionally post pictures on my blog.  It's been fun and I love anything to do with beauty stuff!  These are my New Years Eve nails.

4.  Speaking of Pinterest, I've been getting seriously addicted.  The only bad part is people keep posting these amazing pictures of food and it's making me hungry!

5.  My sister leaves to go back to Hondruas in a week.  Since I'm going to DC for work on Monday morning that last time I will get to see her is on Sunday.  I'm sad about that, but hopefully we'll get to spend lots of time together this weekend.

6.  I got in my first car accident last week.  I was driving on a road that is divided with a grassy median and a guy was driving on the wrong side of the road.  It was on a curve so I didn't see him until it was almost too late.  Thankfully we both swerved just in time and barely hit each other.  My mirror and door handle got scratched up, but that was the only damage I had.  I'm so thankful to God for protecting me because it could have been a lot worse and we could have hit head on!  His insurance took care of everything and I was able to pick up my car last night and it's all fixed!

7.  I went to play bowling and mini golf with my brother and sister last week.  I hadn't done either one in at least 10 years but we had a really great time!

8.  So far, I've been doing really good on my New Year's goals!  This week has been super busy with work, but I've still managed to get in all my workouts and eat really good all week in addition to working on all my other goals.

9.  I got my closet and all my drawers cleaned out and organized.  There is nothing better than an organized closet...ahhh.. Haha!  And yes, I even organize my clothes by color!       
10.  I realized I forgot to post about some of my New Years family parties.  I'll leave you with some pics from our get togethers. Have a great weekend!
Dinner with my aunt and cousins
My cousin Necole was in town from Raleigh and it was so fun to spend time with her!
Playing catchphrase
My cousin Kristi being silly with her animal hat

Getting ready for our new year's toast

Harrison's excited!
And of course we had to have black eyed peas on New Years!


  1. Love the list! Great work already making headway on your goals for 2012.

  2. Great list! I love how close and loving your family looks. Congrats again on onederland! Awesome accomplishment:)

  3. again, SO happy for you about onederland! just amazing is what you are!

    your gma is just too darn cute. everytime i see her in your pics it makes me smile. she looks like such a kind, sweet soul. :)

  4. I'm doing the Color Run in Phoenix at the end of January! Looks like a lot of fun. Good luck!

  5. that color run looks like some crazy fun....if I was in better shape I would join you @MandaPanda!
    @Andrea love how organized you are...I organize my closet by dress shirts,casual shirts, pants, shorts,capris, jeans but your shoe rack is great!

  6. I'm going to go to sleep and dream about your closet now!

  7. I want to do the color run with you!! :)

  8. 1. HAPPY DANCE for ONDERLAND!!!! Woot Woot - so proud of you!!
    2. Love the new years nails!! super cute!
    3. I just checked out Pinterest this week - totally addicting
    4. I am checking out color run Phoenix!! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm proud of you....ain't it great?

    Happy New Year!

  10. I just want to say I LOVE reading your blog and I love your family. I love family get together's and enjoy every time you post about yours. :)

  11. i am extremely happy for you. I bet onderland feels wonderful!

  12. YAY!! congratulations on kicking the 200's to the curb! I'm obsessed with pinterest too :)

  13. By the way I tagged you in my blog and I am not sure how to notify you except to comment in your latest post