Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Word for 2012

1. Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.
2. Controlled behavior resulting from disciplinary training; self-control.

My word for 2012 is discipline.  I feel like I've made great strides this year with my eating and exercise, but I really want to focus on being disciplined.  Not only do I want to be disciplined in my body, but also in my mind and spirit.  The more I practice self-control and make good choices, hopefully the easier it will become.  I really want to make this a lifestyle change and not just a diet for a year, get to goal, and then go back to the way I was eating before.  This year I'm really going to focus on being disciplined in every area of my life.  We may not always feel like making good food choices or working out, but it produces good results in the end.

What are you focusing on for 2012?

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. - Hebrews 12:11


  1. What a great word choice! Love it! I know 2012 is going to be full of amazing milestones.

  2. I don't know ... I'm not sure I'm ready for discipline yet :) Have a great day !

  3. Love the choice of words! :) Discipline is remembering what you want!!

  4. Great word! I may adopt it as a sub word... A disciplined Bad Ass ....sounds unstoppable!

  5. I like it Andrea...I really like this post!

  6. That is an awesome word...and a great attitude to have going into the new year.

  7. Great word dear. It was definately on my short list, along with Moderation. Discipline is so important as we re-train our brains. Great job!