Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #27

Sorry I've been kind of M.I.A this week.  I think I needed a little break after blogging every day in November, plus it's been hard to find extra time this week.

Today I weighed in at 206.0 for a loss of 1.4 pounds this week.  I'm really excited for the loss and happy that the scale is recognizing my hard work.  I'm still pushing really hard to reach my goal of being under 200 pounds by the first of the year.  That gives me 27 days to lose 6.1lbs.  I'm going to try as hard as I can and if I don't make it, I'll know I did everything I could.  Christmas is going to make that a little tougher, but it can still be done!

This week has been crazy busy and I don't think it's going to slow down until the new year.  I've had stuff going on every night of the week.  But it's been good and I've still been managing to schedule my workouts.

However, I have not done as good as I could with my eating.  I'm still staying in my calorie range, but I'm not making as good of choices as I could (e.g. having chips and guacamole for a meal).  This week I'm going to work on making healthier choices and create a meal plan and continue to track all my food.

I did increase my workouts this week, so I think that helped with the weight loss considering my not so healthy eating choices (I explain more about that in my vlog).  

My roommate and I went to the tree lighting festival in our town on Tuesday night.  It was fun and got me even more in the Christmas spirit!  My neighbor also put up decorations outside.  He always puts the lights around their yard and ours and the decorations in the middle of both our yards, so that's super fun!  I have the best neighbors!

In my video, I mentioned a friend of mine from church had been in an accident.  If you want to follow her story, you can get more information here:  Please pray for Lauren and her family.

It's been a good week, but some heavy things going on with my uncle and family and with hearing about Lauren's accident.  The old me would definitely be turning to food for comfort right now, but not the new me! :)

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. You can do it Andrea! I know you can...SIX pounds?? You got this... :-) Looking great BTW!

  2. You got this girl!!! If it makes any difference you are actually in double digits kgs wise!!! Lol will definitely keep ur friend in my prayers! YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!!!

  3. Yay for the scale going south! You will totally make your onederland by New

  4. Congrats on your loss and you will hit your goal in no time.

  5. I'm sorry you are having a tough time. That stinks and I hope things get better!

    On another note, your neck looks positively swanlike in that picture. I love that the progress is really showing!!

  6. Great job on the loss!

    Lauren and her family will for sure be in my prayers. Hoping for the best.

  7. Look how little you are!! Well done on the loss! x

  8. My thoughts are with Lauren and her family.

    Also congrats on the loss! You're doing so great and your pictures show it!

  9. Sorry to hear about your family and your friend. Hope things get better for everyone.

    Congrats on the loss, and keep up the good work. Let Santa do the cookie eating!

  10. Great loss, Andrea. I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.

  11. so sorry to hear about your friend...heavy prayers for her healing!