Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Do You Consider Success?

I posted a link to the Band Superstars website on my Facebook and said that they were success stories of women who had lost 100 pounds or more.  I had a friend take issue with the fact that I implied that success only comes from those who had lost that much weight.  It got me thinking about what I really consider success to be with the Lap-Band.  Of course my goal is to lose over 100 pounds and I hope to someday be on that list, but I also know that success can be defined in so many other ways.

What do you consider "success"?  Do you celebrate the smaller successes along the way or only look to the ultimate goal?

I have to admit that I am usually just focused on getting to my goal weight.  Of course I celebrate every success along the way and love sharing NSVs.  Sometimes I feel that I don't want to let myself think that anything other than getting to my goal weight is a success because I don't want to give myself the choice of not getting there.  I guess that can be good or bad.

What do you think?


  1. First of all I just left you a comment on your previous post. Lo and behold you were posting at the same time. Ha. Ha. I don't have scads of weight to lose so I consider getting to a weight I feel comfortable with and KEEPING it off. So far I am down 40 pounds and after keeping it off for the past 16 months, I feel ready to conquer the last 15 lbs. Some may say I really have no right being banded, but the reason's I chose that final solution was the health problems which were escalating even with carrying 60 extra pounds. So success really is an individual thing.

    Success is individual which is why the Band Superstars blog is for anyone who feels they are a success. We had to have some guidelines so chose either goal weight or those who had managed to lose 100 pounds because we felt they could offer us advice and guidance. We will profile some who have not reached their "goal" weight and that is ok.

    I did want to say, that some of the people with the band are not ready to be outed on Facebook. Many of us who are friends on Facebook do not discuss the band in that forum. We leave that to our personal blogs. Sometimes those without bands or those not dealing with weight are not supportive which really sucks. You would think that if we go to all the work of having surgery and actually losing weight, people would be happy for us or at least leave us be without all the crappy opinions. But we have seen some vicious targeting of some of us by bloggers who think we should never have WLS. And it hurts.

    So to answer your question. Success is really a personal thing but we can all share in the little successes that grow to be big successes of all us bandsters.

  2. Just making the choice to become healthier is a success in and of itself. I think any weight you lose should be celebrated. I don't think there is a set amount we should have to lose first.

  3. Every good decision over a bad one is a success (for me). And, because I have a great deal of weight to loose ... getting to those big numbers will also be a success.

  4. I think some see success in terms of wealth and others see it as achieving their goals. I think whatever it is - if you are happy with the "situation" - then there's your success. Success can be in the journey as well as the destination.

  5. I believe as long as someone is "working" to do better, they are being successful.

  6. To be content with my body and my health. That's success to me. 100 lbs is a major stretch goal for me. That puts me in a "OMG! I can't believe I'm this freakin' skinny" category so I don't realistically expect to hit it. I've lost 70 lbs and can do so much more than I could before so I think of myself as already successful in this aspect.