Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun!

Me and my sister Alicia

We had Thanksgiving at my parent's house.  It was our family and my Aunt Linda's family.  We had such a great time.  We got together around 1:00 and ate lunch, then watched the Cowboys win, played dominoes and ate again for dinner!  I was kind of dreading Thanksgiving because I love all the yummy foods so much and wasn't sure how it would be since this is my first year being banded.  It actually turned out great!  I was able to eat little portions of the food and really enjoy it, but not go overboard.  And I stepped on the scale this morning and my weight was down.  Yay!  I love my lap-band!

I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures, but I did manage to get a few in the beginning.

My two brothers - 

Sibling picture, but missing my sister Annalie who lives in Honduras.  She'll be home for Christmas though! 
My cousin Rusty, his wife Angela and their little boy Carson
Playing dominoes
And just for fun, here are a couple of videos with glimpses into the silliness that goes on in my family.

Aunt Linda singing of her love for Mexican food -

Ryan's Thanksgiving Poem -


  1. aweeee. you're so cute and looking so good!!

  2. Love all of the family resembelence :) <-- I can't spell today - sorry !

  3. Looks like such fun. I'm happy you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  4. Looks like a great family celebration. I love the house, it's lovely!

  5. Look at you Mz Slimming Down Before Our Eyes!!! Love you're cardi!!! Your family looks awesome!!!

  6. I agree with Lani, love your cardigan. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. :)