Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Never Say Never

I love this article!  I think some of us sell ourselves short and don't dream big.  We may not all aspire to be in a beauty pageant, except maybe Beth Ann, but I can guarantee you that at one time or another we have let our weight hold us back from doing things that we wanted to do.  I can think of countless social or physical activities that I haven't done because I couldn't or because I was embarrassed about my weight.  Well I'm not letting my weight hold me back anymore.  With hard work we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.

And who knows, maybe one of us will someday win a beauty pageant!  You never know!

From 234 pounds to Miss America pageant -


  1. is it sad that i looked at the jeans she's holding up and said to myself "wish I could fit into those!!" LOL

  2. what's a great story! thanks for posting!

  3. You're right - never say "never"!! So inspirational - thank you for sharing!

  4. proof that we are always stronger than we think we are!

  5. Great story, thanks for inspiring me to run for Miss America in a year. <3 LOL