Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Thankful For...My Family

All the cousins on my mom's side

Today I am thankful for all my family!  Almost all of my extended family lives in the DFW area and we get together on a regular basis.  Family is so fun!  I realize that having a family like mine is really rare and I am so blessed.  Both my mom and my dad's side of the family often all get together and everyone gets along!

Growing up, I was really close with the cousins on my mom's side.  We all went to school and church together and saw each other almost every day.  Both of our mom's were teachers and several of us had our mom or our aunt for our teacher.  We all have such good memories and have tons of laughs when we are together.

My cousin Ryan and I have always been super close and had a special bond.  We are a year apart and always hung out together.  Today is actually his birthday.  Happy Birthday Ryan!

My Aunt Linda and Uncle Russ

On my dad's side of the family we have 15 first cousins.  My dad is the youngest so all of my cousins are older than me.  We all try to get together on a regular basis.  The girls cousins like to get together and have "cousins nights".

Cousins night...missing 3

My dad with my aunts and uncle

I can't wait to get together for the holidays and spend time with my family!


  1. It's great that you're so close with your family! I wish mine were closer, we all live in the McKinney area, but never see each other... it's really unfortunate. :(

  2. Uh, Ryan's hot. :) See you tonight! (hopefully!)