Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Thankful For...Music

I'm thankful for music.  I love ALL kinds of music.  If the world did not have music it would be so boring.  It's so crazy how we can hear a song and can remember a certain time in our lives or it reminds us of someone.

I have been fortunate to me involved in different kinds of music over the years.  Through church, school, professionally, and for fun.  I love to sing and express myself through song.

Music stirs worship in our souls and lets us express our emotions and feelings in ways we otherwise could not.  We can listen to music and it can instantly change our mood.


  1. Omgsh - yes yes yes! Music is AMAZING! Think of how boring movies would be without music. And when you hear that song that like fully expresses how you feel - PURE GOLD!