Friday, October 7, 2011

Vacation - Part 2 of 3 (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)

After our time in Roatán was over, we flew back to Tegucigalpa where my sister lives.  After a long day of traveling we came back to her house and they had arranged for a masseuse to come to the house and give us massages.  It was amazing!  I put on Adele's album and it was a cool, rainy afternoon.  Just perfect!

The next day we spent time where my sister works.  She works for an organization called Hope for Honduras.  They work in some of the poorest areas of Tegucigalpa with refugees from Hurricane Mitch who have built homes up in the mountains.  They live in these tiny houses.  Some that do not have electricity or plumbing.  You have to drive on these crazy dirt/rock roads to get up there.  To the people down in the city, those people do not even exist.  Some friends of our family started the organization and my sister lives with them.  She assists them with their daily tasks and helps coordinate all the teams that go down there from different churches in the summer.  The built a center in Magote where they have a school, they feed people in the streets every day, a clinic where a doctor sees patients for next to nothing, build houes, and many other things.  It's amazing to see the difference they have been able to make in these people's lives.  They all know and love my sister!  She is pretty much the tallest and whitest person they have ever seen!  Haha!

So that day she was able to show me around where she works, introduce me to some of the people and children she works with, and then we went to help feed the kids in the streets. It was such an amazing experience!  It was funny because two of the boys who came for food were crying and some of the guys carrying the food told us they were crying because they were scared of us and had never seen white people before!  Crazy!

Here are some pictures of our time at the center.

View of Tegucigalpa from The Center
My sister hard at work! 
The clinic where they see patients every day for less than .25 cents (in American money)
The kinder classes
Cooking food for the children 
Feeding the kids in the streets

The houses in Magote

The beautiful flowers growing on the side of the school
My sister's workspace
Enjoying working with my sister

Later that afternoon we drove to the Valley of the Angels to see the beautiful scenery and do some shopping.  We stopped on the side of the road along the way and took these pictures.

That evening was my last night in Honduras.  We went to this really fancy restaurant at the top of the mountain with an amazing view of the city.  As we were eating, a cloud floated by and blacked out our entire view.  It was really cool to see.  

I already miss my sister so much, but I'm so happy I was able to spend time with her and see where she lives and works.

I left Honduras and then spent the weekend with my best friend in Naples, FL.  Final vacation (and weekly weigh-in) post to come.


  1. Well those kids standing in line with their bowls and cups definitely pulled on my heartstrings.

    Your sister is a blessing to the people there.

    And you know, although there is poverty there, there is beauty there also. I can't help but to think GOD, a higher power, or whatever you believe in had something to do with that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos ... and I agree with Speck - the hungry children are heartbreaking. I know, too, what it's like to leave family ...

  3. If you don't mind me asking - how did you sister get into that calling/occupation/line of work? Sorry, an HR Occupational Hazard :)

  4. Great post! What an experience. I'm happy that you were able to spend such special time with your sister doing amazing and much needed work... Your photos are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. You look so beautiful in all your pictures, and I know you had a great time! We are glad to have you back though! And how awesome is it that you can go on a 1.5 week vacation, enjoy your food without being so restrictive, and still lose?!!!

  6. Wow, seeing those kids lined up for food really puts things into perspective doesn't it?
    SO glad you were able to do this, and spend time with your sister. Great pics.