Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vacation - Part 1 of 3 (Roatán, Honduras)

Back to life, back to reality...

Vacation was amazing!  It was so much fun and just the right amount of time in each of the places that I visited.  I miss my sister so much and I LOVED spending time with her.  Also my best friend Angela lives in Florida and it was so fun spending time with her.

I'm going to break this post up into 3 separate entries as there is so much to say and so many pictures to post about each place.

Early Saturday morning I flew to Tegucigalpa and met up with my sister.  We went out to eat and I got to see her house where she lives.  We just kind of chilled out there for the night as we had an early flight the next morning to the island or Roatán.

We finally made it to Infinity Bay resort in time to get checked in to our room and head to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was so beautiful there!  We just spent time on the beach and then had dinner at the resort's restaurant that was right on the beach.  The food was amazing and we had a great time just relaxing!

View of our resort from the beach

View from our dinner table

Then we went back to our room and got settled in for the night.  After a long day of traveling we were pretty tired.  Our room was so nice!  Here are some pictures of the room.

 The next morning we went snorkeling.  The second largest barrier reef in the world was right outside our resort.  We could just swim out to the reef.  We spend most of the day snorkeling.  It was so amazing!  We saw so many beautiful fish.  They would just swim right up to you and look at you funny.  We bought a disposable camera to take underwater pictures.  We got a few good ones, but they mostly didn't turn out very good.  Other than the fact that we got really sunburned, even after putting on tons of sunscreen, we had the best time!

The reef outside our resort

After we snorkeled for a little while, we went to lunch.  I had the chicken nachos, which I've eaten several times before, but after being in the water all morning and being extremely hungry, I ate too fast and didn't chew good enough.  And we all know what happened next :(  Lesson learned and that didn't happen again on the trip.

The rest of the day was spent chilling on the beach, watching the sunset and going to dinner.

Day 3 of our Roatán trip we had decided to take a water taxi and go into town, but we were so sunburned that as soon as we got ready and stepped outside, our skin was on fire!  We decided to just spend the day close to the resort and in the shade so we wouldn't get more sunburned.

That night was our last night on the island and we went out to a place called the Thirsty Turtle.  

The island was absolutely breathtaking and we had the best time.  The next morning we left to head back to Tegucigalpa.  

More vacation posts to come...


  1. Ohhhh what a gorgeous place - I am absolutely GREEN with envy!! And you, my lovely lady, are looking soooooo, healthy, beautiful, happy and vibrant!!

    Thank you sooo much for sharing with us!!

  2. It all looks fanatastic-looking forward to the next installment! Your sister sure looks like you!:)

  3. What a beautiful vacation you had, those pictures are just breath taking. You know you and your sister could pass for twins!

  4. Amazing!!! I want to go there. Today. Please.

  5. What a beautiful place!!! Glad you had a good time. :)

  6. What beautiful pictures! You and your sister have an amazing resemblance.