Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in #15 (Part 2)

I'm back!  I missed everybody and thanks for those who checked on me!  I was able to get caught up on reading all your blogs and I tried to comment when possible.

Things have been so busy but it's been lots of fun and I've been able to continue to make good food choices and keep my workout schedule.

Sometimes it's hard because I get so into my routine and get thrown off when I'm not at home or don't have access to the food that I usually eat.  So these next few weeks will be a challenge to make good choices with my eating (especially being in another country).

This last week I lost 2 pounds.  I am starting to feel so much better physically and mentally and I'm really noticing some changes in the way I feel.  A huge NSV for me this weekend was after the wedding and seeing all the pictures that people took, I didn't hate them!  Usually I hate pictures of me and used to think that almost all pictures looked horrible and after seeing the pictures from the wedding, I actually think I looked good in some of them!!  Love that!  (Another post coming soon with wedding pictures).

Here is my first attempt at before and after pictures.  The before pictures were taken the night before surgery so at that point I had already lost 19 pounds and the after pictures are my weekly pictures taken on Friday.  It's cool to already be able to see a big difference in 3 months!

Awhile back I had posted about going with a "friend" to a lap-band consultation.  Well I'm so happy to be able to tell you that the friend I was referring to was my sister and she has decided to have lap-band surgery...yay!!!  I am so excited for her!!  Her surgery is scheduled for October 14th, with my doctor, Dr. Marsden.  I know how much that it has already changed my life and I know it's going to be so great for her!

I talked to my other sister in Honduras this morning preparing for our trip and she had an opportunity come up where we might be able to stay on a private island off the coast of Honduras.  A lady that she works with there has a sister who owns a major airline and they have a private island with a full staff!  She said as long as they are not planning on being there during that time that we could stay there for free!  I'm super excited and really hope this works out.  How fun would that be?!?!  We're supposed to know tonight if we can stay there or not.

So my goals for this week are to workout a minimum of 3 days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri cardio/strength training) and Tuesday/Thursday yoga.  Continue to stay around 1200-1400 calories per day, get in as much water as possible, take my vitamins, and track my food.

Hope everyone has a great week!

As usual the video pretty much says the same thing that I did in my post, with the exception of wedding pictures posted at the end.  I'll post those in a separate blog too.


  1. You look amazing!! You can really see a difference. Great job of being mindful of your eating and exercise with all that you have going on. Keep up the good work.

  2. You are looking awesome :) There is a big difference. Can't wait for more pics!

  3. You look so great! The difference is VERY obvious! So excited for your trip cool is that?!? Thanks for're doing such a great job!

  4. You are doing so well darlin! Great job!! Your before and current pictures really show your progress. So very noticable.

  5. Private island !! Do you need someone to carry your bags, Ms. Skinny?!

  6. what beautiful wedding pictures. You really looked so lovely!!

  7. Wow, Andrea, look at you. What a big difference.
    And a private island, how wonderful would that be!

  8. Oh... I most certainly see a difference in the pictures - AND in your vlog!! You are rocking it, Lady!!! So thrilled for your sister too!!

    A private island??? Where do I sign up????

  9. Lookin' good!!

    And I want a private island. Now, please.

  10. A private island??? That would rock!

    Great loss this week and congrats to your sister!