Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #2

June 10, 2011


  1. The fact that you identified that you went directly to food to comfort yourself is huge. And don't worry, you are going to make a lot of mistakes in the beginning. And throughout as well. You just have to call yourself out on it, and try to make a better choice next time. I am totally going to print out the "Food is not a reward, it is a necessity" quote and tape it on my fridge.

    I am so sorry for your loss. here is a (((hugg))) for you. I am glad she did not have to suffer for an extended period.

    You dr. is completely right. I have no issues with eggs, but know quite a few people who do. I can not do any pasta or bread. Or reheated meat. Chips are not a slider food for me like they are for many. In fact I can't eat very many chips at all without discomfort.

    You are doing so great. keep it up!

  2. Hi Andrea!! Debi sent me! I love the idea of your blog and I am anxious to get to know you better!!

    I am sorry for your loss.. ((huggss)) to you..

    Great job on the eleven pounds!!