Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eight Golden Rules

When I went to a support group last week, they gave us a handout of the "Eight Golden Rules for Success with the Lap Band System".  Then when I went in for my first fill, they gave me a 20 minute DVD that talks about each of the golden rules in detail.  So I thought I would document them on my blog to help me remember them and maybe it can help someone who is new or considering getting a lap-band. What else would you add to the list?

1. Eat three or less small meals per day. (It's okay to eat less than three meals per day.  If you aren't hungry, don't eat.)

2. Do not eat anything between meals. (No snacks! Restrict food to mealtimes.  Stick to zero calorie liquids only between meals.)
3. Eat slowly and stop when no longer hungry. (Eat slow enough that you have chance to realize that you are no longer hungry.  Stop eating after 30 minutes.)
4. Focus on nutritious foods. (High protein and complex carbs are best. Simple sugars and foods high in fats should be avoided.)
5. Avoid calorie-containing liquids. (Because liquids pass through the band easily, you are more likely to take in more liquids than you might realize.  Therefore, limiting to zero or low calories helps you to avoid taking in more calories than you realize.)
6. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. (Start slowly and work up to at least 30 minutes a day with an activity that gets you up and moving.)
7. Be active throughout the day. (Get up and get moving.  Avoid sitting down at all cost - sitting down could be seen as an opportunity for activity lost.)
8. Always keep in contact with your doctor. (Have your band checked at least every six months, whether you need it or not.  This is a lifelong commitment and you need to ensure continued health and success with the Lap-Band.

*Source: "The Lap-Band Solution", Dr. Paul O'Brien, pg 199


  1. During bandster hell there is no way I could follow the no snacks rule. I just kept them to protein snacks (cottage cheese, cheese sticks etc) and only 100 calories each. I think that rule is to prevent "grazing" where you take a lot of calories in throughout the entire day.

  2. I agree! I think they are really trying to avoid unplanned eating and grazing where you aren't even aware of what you're eating.

  3. I loved the little DVD they gave me when I went to my first fill. LOL Dr. O'Brien is such a cute little man. Have no idea how he came up with the lapband, but I sure do appreciate him!

  4. I disagree with no snacking. I have done lots of research, and there's even an article about it in this months cooking light magazine...people who allow themselves snacks don't feel deprived and starving at meal time. I plan my snacks. They are healthy choices twice a day.
    Also, eating between meals cuts down on fluctuating blood sugar levels. I understand about not wanting to encourage mindless snacking, but a cheese stick or fruit is a good choice.
    All the other stuff is right on!

  5. These are perfect reminders of what we should be doing every day! I think if we can even do this just 80% of the time, we'd be in good shape. Thanks for posting it!

  6. I don't have lapband.. but those are all great rules for any weightloss person to follow! Thanks for the reminder!!

  7. I'm still amazed at how different every program/doctor is. I have Kaiser, and they're always touting how "conservative" with their menus and food choices they are.. Yet I was onto solid food 2 weeks after surgery. And no flouroscopy to check my band, and didn't get one at my first fill either. And no dvd's *pout* .. I think that just makes me more grateful for all the bloggers out there, even if it's to remind me of the rules :D


  8. It's amazing that each doctor has their own ideas. My doctor has suggested 3 meals a day, plus 3 snacks during each meal. A snack is like an apple or cottage cheese and crackers. Something small. I think so many people think of "snacks" as potato chips or little debbie rolls. Nope. Snacks CAN be healthy. It's just putting the effort into choosing a health snack. :) Thanks for posting this. You've made a lot good points.

  9. Great reminder for everyone!! And congrats on the 17 lbs!! That's freakin amazing in one month!!!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss! And the new bra size too :) Your doctor is more aggressive than mine. I am still not allowed to do any exercise except to walk and no fill until week 8.
    Those rules are great. I still need to snack to get me through but I eat a cheese stick or fruit. Remembering to chew is a biggy for me. Love your blog.

  11. I love that you have all shared your views, thoughts and experiences on this page - bless you all - united at every level, together, we can offer so much more than as individuals xx fi

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