Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eight Golden Rules

When I went to a support group last week, they gave us a handout of the "Eight Golden Rules for Success with the Lap Band System".  Then when I went in for my first fill, they gave me a 20 minute DVD that talks about each of the golden rules in detail.  So I thought I would document them on my blog to help me remember them and maybe it can help someone who is new or considering getting a lap-band. What else would you add to the list?

1. Eat three or less small meals per day. (It's okay to eat less than three meals per day.  If you aren't hungry, don't eat.)

2. Do not eat anything between meals. (No snacks! Restrict food to mealtimes.  Stick to zero calorie liquids only between meals.)
3. Eat slowly and stop when no longer hungry. (Eat slow enough that you have chance to realize that you are no longer hungry.  Stop eating after 30 minutes.)
4. Focus on nutritious foods. (High protein and complex carbs are best. Simple sugars and foods high in fats should be avoided.)
5. Avoid calorie-containing liquids. (Because liquids pass through the band easily, you are more likely to take in more liquids than you might realize.  Therefore, limiting to zero or low calories helps you to avoid taking in more calories than you realize.)
6. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. (Start slowly and work up to at least 30 minutes a day with an activity that gets you up and moving.)
7. Be active throughout the day. (Get up and get moving.  Avoid sitting down at all cost - sitting down could be seen as an opportunity for activity lost.)
8. Always keep in contact with your doctor. (Have your band checked at least every six months, whether you need it or not.  This is a lifelong commitment and you need to ensure continued health and success with the Lap-Band.

*Source: "The Lap-Band Solution", Dr. Paul O'Brien, pg 199

Monday, June 27, 2011

1 Month Bandiversary/Motivational Monday

Today is my 1 month bandiversary!  Yay!  I can't believe it's been a month already, but then part of me feels like my surgery was so long ago.  I know that I'm only a month in, but I haven't regretted getting the lap-band for one minute and it was the best decision I've ever made for my health.

So here are the stats for month 1:
Weight: Down 17 pounds (as of 3 days ago)

Measurements -
Neck: -.25
Bicep: -2.0
Forearm: -.50
Chest: -1.0
Waist: -4.0
Hips: -3.0
Thigh: -2.5
Calf: -.75
Total inches lost = 14 (WOW)!!!

Yesterday I went to get a new bra because the one I have is way too big (YAY!) and I went from a size 44DD from the last time I was measured a few months before surgery to a 42D!  I was super excited about that!

For Motivational Monday I wanted to share a quote that I read yesterday.  I read it in the book I am currently reading and thought it was so good.

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.  We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.  We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit". - Aristotle

Happy Monday Everyone!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #4

This week I lost 3.2 pounds...woohoo!!!  That makes a total of 16.9lbs lost!  So excited about that!  I did work really hard this week and worked out several days in addition to being on soft foods for 3 days so I think that probably helped.  I don't feel that different after my fill, but that might change when I start eating solid foods.  So I will be careful and take all of your advice to chew, chew, chew.

My first goal was to lose 15 pounds and my reward was to get a Fitbit.  I decided to go ahead and buy it earlier this week because it was on sale and I was hoping that I would pass 15 pounds this week.  So this morning I weighed in and then when I went to get the mail, it was here!  Perfect timing and I didn't think it would come until next week.  So that's been fun to play with today and I'm really hoping that it will push me to exercise more and really be aware of how many calories I am burning.

So this week I have set two goals for myself.

  1. Track everything that I eat
  2. Drink at least 48 oz. of water
I kind of slacked off this week with tracking my food.  Mainly because I was eating the same thing almost every day.  But this is really important to me so I'm going to make myself do it.  Also, I know that 48 oz. of water might not seem like a lot, but I've been having trouble getting 32 oz. in.  So I think that this is a good goal for this week and then hopefully I can up it next week.

I think that's all I've got.  I'm posting my YouTube video for this week if anyone is interested in watching, but I pretty much said all the same stuff I just put in this blog.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


It's FRIDAY so that means it's BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!  We answer a couple of questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break!  Copy and paste and answer in your own blogs if you'd like!!  ENJOY!!

1.  What’s your favorite room in your house?

My favorite room in my house is definitely my bedroom.  I work from home and I have a really nice office setup but I would prefer to sit on my bed with my laptop and have the TV going in the background when I can.  Also, since I have two roommates, it's nice sometimes to be able to go into my room and shut the door to have some time to myself.  I also have a comfy chair in my room so I could stay in there for hours!

2.  Picture question (or describe if you don't have a camera).  Show us a pic of your current favorite earrings!

My favorite earrings are silver hoop earrings with rhinestones.  I love them and wear them almost every single day.  They go good with jeans and t-shirts or them can be dressy.

3.  What’s your dress code at work? If you stay at home and went back to work outside the home, what dress code would you prefer?
I've been working from home for 7 years now so my dress code is mostly comfy clothes.  I do try and get ready every day so I don't feel like a slob, but I like to be comfy too.  When I was working in an office and if I ever have to go back, I guess I would prefer business casual.  I think it's good in an office environment to be professional and I think just casual can sometimes be sloppy.  Maybe have a jean day on Fridays though!

4.  Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.
Real life: I've had a really great week.  Had my first fill and that's been going great!  I am still feeling hungry and not that much restriction, but I'm getting closer to where I want to be.  I was able to work out three days this week and feel really good about that.  Except yesterday, I only got through half of my workout and I got really red and felt kind of faint.  So I just went and got in the pool!  This week I lost 3.2 pounds which I'm super happy about! (Blog post coming later today) This weekend is really busy!  One of my best friends is getting married so we have a bridal shower tomorrow and are getting together tonight to make jam as party favors.  Also my little brother is coming to spend the night with me on Saturday.  He's only 17, but I love that he enjoys spending time with his big sister!

Blog land has been great!  I'm still getting the hang of everything, but I'm super stoked to have met so many great, supportive people online and I hope to be that for others too!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Black Bean Soup

Wanted to share this recipe with you all that is full of protein and really easy to eat.  I LOVE it and have it almost every day.  I'll probably get sick of it soon, but for now I keep craving it.  It's super easy.  It is kind of spicy, so if you don't really like spicy foods you might not want to put as much Rotel in it.

Here are the ingredients:
2 cans of black beans
1 can of Original Rotel
1 bunch of Cilantro
1 package of taco seasoning
1 package of Ranch mix
Lime juice
Water (add however much you want depending on how creamy or watery you like your soup)
Optional (I left these out) 1 small can of corn, chicken or ground beef/turkey

I basically just dump everything into a blender or straight into the pan and cook for about 45 minutes - 1hour.  Everything is already cooked so it just needs time to heat up and let the flavor come together.  Sometimes I put it in the crock pot in the morning and let it simmer all day on low.  That's it!

I like to top it off with a tsp of sour cream and a little bit of cheese.  You could also crush up tortilla chips and put them on top, but I don't think it adds that much extra and I don't want the additional calories.

I plugged all of the ingredients that I used into my food tracker and here is the info (assuming a serving is  three quarters of a cup):


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Fill

Happy Tuesday!

I had my first fill today and it went really well.  It was way worse in my head than it actually was.   So only liquids for me today and then soft foods for three days.  I'm not sure how much fluid I have in my band, but it's probably around 5 c.c.'s.  I'm not really worried about the number though because based on what everyone tells me you really need to go by how you feel and not the number.  I really really don't want to vomit, so I'm going to follow the rules really closely and only get more fills if I think I really need them.  So here is my video.  I'll also post the instructions for eating post-fill because I had a request to see those and maybe they will be helpful to someone else.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivational Monday

I decided to start a topic on my blog called Motivational Monday.  Because we all can use some motivation especially on Mondays!

Today's topic is something that I talked about in one of my previous videos, but it's one of the biggest things I am struggling with right now.  EMOTIONAL EATING...

All my life I have struggled with this and I probably always will.  The difference between now and the past is that I am recognizing it and most of the time able to just say no. Since I have had lap band surgery, I am starting to realize this now more than ever that every time something good or bad happens I want to reward myself.  If it's a celebration of something good that occurred, I want to go out to eat or make a celebratory meal.  If something bad happens or if I am stressed out, what's the first thing I turn to? FOOD!  

Breaking this pattern has not been easy and I'm obviously still struggling with it. I feel like this is all I have ever known and making this change has been hard.  

Something that has helped me get through the last couple of weeks is reminding myself of the quote below.  I keep quoting to myself over and over that FOOD IS NOT A REWARD!!!  I have created goals and rewards for myself that do not include food for each major milestone that I reach.  Such as massages, pedicures, new shoes, vacations, etc.  I'm hoping that this will help in retraining my brain to not associate food with being a reward.  I think the more that we remind ourselves of this the easier it will start to become.  Until then I'll just keep telling myself...

Hope this encourages you, I know it has helped me!  Happy Monday! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to my Dad!  I love you so much and I thank you for being a great example of what it looks like to be the best husband and father.  I am so blessed to have you as my dad!

Fathers::: the proof of love is the investment of your time - via @REVRUNWISDOM

My First NSV!!!

So today I had my first of hopefully many NSVs!!  I was so surprised when I thought I would wear these pants and when I tried them on they were so big that I couldn't even wear them!  Yay!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Introducing....Bring Your Own Crazy (B.Y.O.C.)

Several of the bloggers that I follow answer questions to get to know each other better and I thought this would be fun to start doing!  So here is my first BYOC...

It’s time for BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy! We answer some questions in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. Do you make your bed every day? Tell us about or show us a picture of your bed comforter?

I like to make my bed every day, but most days this doesn't happen.  I work from home so sometimes I like to sit on my bed and work and it's more comfy to be under the covers, haha! If I leave the house for the day or have company over I'll make it for sure.  You happened to catch me on a good day today because my roommates parents came over for a visit so I had to make my bed.  Here is a picture of my bed today.  Coincidentally it looks a lot like my blog, haha!

2. Johnny Cash or Elvis? Thin crust pizza or deep dish? Coke or Pepsi? Beer or wine or neither?
Elvis (but I like both)
I love pizza!  Both kinds!  Yesterday I saw 2 pizza delivery cars on my way to hang out with friends and I was craving it so bad!  I haven't had any pizza since surgery and I'm sure deep dish will be out, but I might try some thin crust for a special treat sometime.  What is everyone's experience eating pizza with the lap-band?

Neither.  I'm a Dr. Pepper girl, but unfortunately I've given it up. :(
Wine, but I like beer too.  I haven't had either since surgery, but I might have one every now and then.
3. I recently went through my list of blogs I follow and was at my limit so I unfollowed bloggers who haven’t blogged in at least 6 months. I want to start following some more new blogs. Who’s your fave lately? Funniest? Most inspiring? Can you link them for me??
Well I just started blogging this week so everyone is new to me.  I am so happy to be a part of this community and thankful for all the support.  Here are a couple of the ladies that have reached out to me since I started my blog.
Amandajustawallflower, Cat, Kristina, Ronnie, Lap Band Gal, Beth Ann, Lisa, Amanda, and Darlin1.

4. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Wow, what a week this has been!  Started my blog, found TONS of amazing blogs, and met so many great people.  This whole blog world is new to me and I 'm still learning all the time, but I am LOVING it so far.  Real life for me this week has been great!  Gave myself some goals this week and I was able to achieve them, lost 2.4 pounds, had some fun times with family and friends and attended my first Lap-Band support group.  I'm so motivated to lose the weight and achieve all of the goals that I have set.  Last week was kind of hard for me, so I'm so happy that this was a great week.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In #3

Today is 3 weeks since surgery and I lost 2.4 pounds this week!!!  I was really happy with that since I only lost 1 last week and I also started my TOM yesterday so I know I'm really bloated right now.

Last week in my video I set some goals of avoiding emotional eating, planning my meals, and to join a gym and workout.  I'm happy to say that I was able to do all three this week and I really think it helped me to lose more.

I joined my local community center which is so nice.  I walked on the indoor track twice this week and loved it!  Here are some pictures of my new home away from home.

I love doing the videos and want to keep doing them, but I don't want to put both videos and posts on blogger because they pretty much contain the same information.  Do you all have any suggestions on if I should put my videos on here or not?  I could always just put a link to it if anyone wants to see it?  I guess I'll eventually get all of this figured out.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and all of the support since I've started my blog!!!  I'm overwhelmed and grateful for all the support, advice and encouragement I have received on here in just two days!

Braces - First Adjustment Today

So I got braces 6 weeks ago and today is my first appointment to get them tightened.  Not sure really what to expect, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

I need to start scheduling my fills and braces appointment on the same day since I have to be on liquid/soft food for a few days after with each.  This time, I have my fill appointment on Tuesday so just when I'll be able to eat food when my teeth stop hurting then I'll have to go back on liquids from the fills.  Oh well, it's all good and I'm on my way to a healthier me! :)

Weekly Weigh-In blog post coming later today!

UPDATE: Ortho Appointment went great!  They said my teeth had moved a lot and they were happy with the progress.  They just changed out the wire and it didn't hurt a bit, but we'll see how my teeth feel tomorrow when they start moving!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming Soon!!!

I'm working on getting my blog up and running! In the meantime feel free to check out my YouTube videos posted to the right and follow me on Twitter.